EZE-Tech is a new mobile app aimed at providing companies with easy and quick access to experienced computer technicians. This mobile application provides you with easy and quick access to experienced computer technicians who will be available around the clock to help you solve any technical problems that might arise in your office or in your place of residence.

Through the app, the customer will be able to:

  • Use the on-screen wizard End-User makes selections
  • Describe the problem that is being faced
  • Know the cost of service before ordering a technician
  • Contact the technician
  • Check the details and skill set of the technician assigned to the job

Through the app, the technicians will be able to:

  • Call and text the end-user
  • Organize multiple jobs if in the same area
  • Get access to complete job details
  • Receive call, notifications, emails and texts
  • Live updates on screen to select jobs and get details
  • Rate clients
  • Check how much they earned after each job
  • Receive money transfers
  • Check history of jobs
  • Communicate with clients in case of emergency
  • Cancel a job