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EZE-Tech Service Provider

Immediately a list of technicians will show on the screen, end user can choose one and check the tech’s profile, when end user invites the tech an automatic notification will be sent to that tech with the job description, tech has 10 to 15 minutes to accept or reject the job based on the requirement, if tech accepted than an ETA will be sent back to end user as notifications Our business is unique in the industry, our services cover most technological devices & home appliances, and serves all ages from all sort such as home and business customers. The big differences between our business model and our competitors;
The differences are; cheap, convenience, faster. End user doesn’t have to speak with tech support and wait on hold for 10 – 15 minutes before someone answers, our app using the on-screen wizard to facilitates the description of the issues Through the app, the technicians will be able to:

  • Call, email and text the end user
  • Organize multiple jobs if in the same area
  • Get access to complete job details
  • Receive announcements, emails and texts
  • Live updates on screen to select jobs and get details
  • Rate clients
  • Check how much they earned after each job
  • Receive money transfers
  • Check history of jobs
  • Communicate with client in case of emergency
  • Cancel a job